martedì 28 ottobre 2008

New entries: Composter & "The Book of Rubbish Ideas"

Sono un po' di giorni che trascuro il blog!  Perdono! Ma la scorsa settimana sono successe così tante belle cose che dovrò recuperare un po' di tempo ed energie per sintetizzarle tutte! 
A few days has passed from the time I started neglecting my blog! Sorry! But last week a lot of exciting things were happened and I have to rescue time and energy to resume everything! 

Bisognerebbe postare per ogni argomento trattato all'interno del convegno dello scorso weekend, che è stato veramente incoraggiante oltre che interessante. Lo farò presto, abbiate solo un po' di pazienza. 
It needs to post for every argument discussed at the meeting of the previous weekend, which was very interesting and very encouraging too. I'll write about it soon, take just a little patience.

Così sono arrivate due novità importanti qui a casa: 
So, two important novelties arrived here at home: 

La prima è, come ho accennato nei commenti scorsi, la compostiera!!! Peccato che sia arrivata in un imballaggio che è già di per sé rifiuto! 
Quella che avevamo preso precedentemente non era molto pratica, perché costituita da un grande sacco forato in PP, difficile da tenere in piedi con poco materiale e poco comodo per girare e prelevare il compost. 
Questo che abbiamo adesso è un vero e proprio bidone in PP, che può contenere fino a 280 litri di compost. Abbiamo deciso dove collocarlo, un posto in giardino che si trova al sole durante le ore del mattino. Ci stiamo documentando su come iniziare correttamente a fare il compost. 
Le istruzioni sono in tedesco, ma su internet si trovano dei siti grandiosi e dei documenti scaricabili che possono aiutarci in questo. Prossimamente, man mano che faremo i primi passi nel mondo del compostaggio, riporterò qui la nostra esperienza. Qualcuno vuole iniziare a compostare con noi? 
The first, as I said in the last comments, is the composter!!! What a sin that it arrived packed with a lot of plastic that is only waste! 
The one we previously bought, wasn't so easy to use, because it consisted in a big PP holed sack, not easy to hold up, when almost empty, and not easy for moving and taking the compost inside. 
This we have now, is a real PP bin, that could contain up to 280 litres of compost. At the moment we decided where to put it, in a place in the garden which is sunny in the morning. We are documenting about how to correctly start composting. 
Instructions are in German language, but on the internet we can find grand sites and downloadable documents which can help us. So, soonest I'll report here my steps of this new experience in the world of composting. Would someone start composting with us?

La seconda novità è che finalmente mi è stato recapitato il libro ordinato su internet "The Book of Rubbish Ideas" di Tracey Smith. Questo libro è un vero aiuto per chi come me vuol iniziare a ridurre sprechi e spazzatura prodotta in casa. Non appena avrò completato la sua lettura vi racconterò cosa ne penso. Intanto un'anteprima del libro la trovate sul blog di Tracey Smith, tra l'altro una meravigliosa persona che Almost Mrs. Average conosce bene! 
The second news is that finally "The Book of Rubbish Ideas", by Tracey Smith, arrives at home by airmail. I ordered it on the web and it is a real help for every people who want to reduce household waste. I must read it before saying my opinion, but, in the meanwhile you can find a preview on Tracey Smith's blog. She is another wonderful person who Almost Mrs. Average well knows!   

Infine sono stata al cinema e mi sono innamorata di un piccolo robottino di nome Wall-e, che in fondo in fondo mi assomiglia molto! :-D Ma questo lo racconterò prossimamente...
At last I went to the cinema and I fell in love with a little robot called Wall-e, who is deeply similar to me! :-D But this I 'll tell you the next time...   

9 commenti:

  1. Hi Danda,

    I just wanted to send you a very big thank you for posting a note about my 'Book of Rubbish Ideas'. I'm so excited to hear you're spreading the word about it overseas and I hope it lives up to your expectations!

    We need to united all of our energies around the world if we're to tackle to global problem of the rubbish we produce and I look forward to hearing what you make of the read.

    Wishing you and your readers a lovely evening - it's POURING DOWN with rain in south west England but the gardens are loving it.

    TS x

  2. Hi Tracey!

    A warm welcome to you! What a big wonderful surprise with you popping up here on my blog!

    I'm very happy to hear you, the author of the book, supporting me, so far from England, but so close to your passion for the environment!

    Your book looks so fresh and enjoyable in graphics and with its curious and interesting contents really invites to be read! I'll make you know, but I'm sure I'll find a source of great suggestions to improve my reduction of waste.

    I totally agree with you about the need to put together every single effort in this world, to save it from pollution and waste. I hope that this is the beginning of a new age of awareness for everybody. I bet your work will help lots of people!

    Thank you so much, Tracey, I hope to meet you here again!
    Best wishes with your book!


    P.s.: it's rainy here too, after almost a month of drought, and, yes, it's like a big celebration for our plants! ;D

  3. Hi again Danda,

    It's great to be part of this united and worldwide social movement that's fuelled by people, not politics and governments!

    Grassroots is where it's really happening and that's a refreshing thing.

    Thank you for doing your bit in a beautiful corner of the world too!

    Wishing you well and hope you're enjoying the book - lolol...


  4. Hi Tracey,
    I haven't yet begun to read your book ... lately I have few time and with my English, I need peace to focus on reading! But be sure that as soon as I start, I will be 'kidnapped' in reading what you wrote. That probably is happening during this weekend!
    So have a good weekend, and enjoy your green Halloween if you celebrate it! ;-)


  5. Happy, happy Hallowgreen to you, my friends, and may Gwyn ap Nudd ride beside you!

  6. Happy green Samhain to you too, my dear druids, Emilio and Eva!
    Are you returned from London?
    I hope you will follow to tell us about your journey and... explain here what you would say! Sorry but I'm not so wiser like you!

  7. Hi again Dando,

    I hope you enjoy losing yourself in the pages my friend.

    We do enjoy celebrating Halloween - I posted a step by step photo guide on making honey roasted pumpkin soup - if you'd like to use it on your blog, feel free!

    All the best,
    TS x

  8. Mmmh, tomorrow morning I've just tasted your recipe through the photos of your site! It seems very tasty and easy to do, I'll prove it whenever I'll go to buy another pumpkin from my favourite greengrocer!

    I've just started to read your book and I'm only at the introduction... I'm very slow to read in English and in last weekend was very busy: I started to use composter and I was focused on how to work with it!

    And then there are lots of news to post. A very hard task we, blogger, have to do everyday! So let's work for a greener world! ;D

    Thanks so much Tracey and write soon!


  9. Evening my friend!

    Glad you liked the taste of the look of that recipe! LOL...

    By the way, if you fancy training your ear on some English discussion, you might like to watch a video I just uploaded to You Tube - lolol....

    Have a peek at this and see if you can follow it....hehehe...

    Night for now chum,


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