venerdì 10 aprile 2009

Buona Pasqua a tutti / Happy Easter to everyone

Il nostro semplice augurio per la Pasqua: 
che un raggio di speranza e di rinascita sia in tutti noi e ci faccia tornare a sorridere presto! 

Our simple wish for Easter: 
a ray of hope and renaissance will rise in all of us and making us back to smile soon!

8 commenti:

  1. Buona Pasqua, buona rinascita.


  2. Happy Easter to you too, dear Danda!!

    & what a beautiful picture - it really brngs the sense of spring & hope into my heart!

  3. Hi girls!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments! Hope you've passed a very happy Easter!
    The beautiful photo is by Irish... a very sensible soul could take it! ;)
    See you soon on this blog!

  4. WOW!! Irish can really take awesome photos!! Is he a professional photographer?

    I have a question for you (sorry it's a bit unrelated) - can you buy pasta in Italy 'per kilo' (weighed & in your own bag or container? or in a paper bag? or in another eco/zero waste packaging?)
    I vaguely remember our teacher of Beginner Italian told us something like that, but not sure if I remembered it right?
    That in Italy there are big shops of pasta, where there are MANY different pastas sold, and Italians laugh with pity at poor foreigners who have to eat stuff (packed in plastics) that is in supermarkets?

    An eco farm here would be interested in a better alternative to cellophane! :) So please help if you can! :)

  5. Oh, & how was pasta sold historically, if you know? (maybe there's a link to a website online? with photos? couldn't find anything good in English..)

    Before people had plastics, did everyone just make their own pasta, or...?

  6. Irish isn't a professional photographer but a very creative mind! Most of picture in this blog are from him. If you want to see his beautiful photos go to

    paolo-fotoalbumYou can see there a huge part of our world! :)

    As regards pasta, the topic is not totally off, because we bought loose pasta proper for the Easter launch! :)

    In Italy we have only fresh pasta shops, were you can ask your desired quantity of some kinds of pasta: i.e. tagliatelle, ravioli, tortellini, garganelli, orecchiette, and others, mostly pasta made with eggs. They are served in carton trays covered with paper sachets! I love this, but it's not for everyday becouse it's not very cheap!

    But it's different for dry kinds of pasta. You can buy it only in plastic packs (mostly in PP wich is recyclable) with the exception of a famous brand that sells in carton boxes. But as regards this I'll tell you on ZeroWaste Checkout soon! ;)

    As regards history I need to do some researches, I'll tell you! ;)

  7. Hi Layla...thank you very much for your, I'm not a professional photographer, for me it's only a hobby...a way to relax and not to forget small and big joys that the world gives us...bye and best regards!!!

  8. WOW, great photos!! :)

    This one for sure deserves to be on a calendar or something!! :)
    I was sure Danda found it on a site by professional photographers!!

    Thank you for all the info about pasta, Danda!!
    I will sure look forward to your post on the new site!! :)


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