lunedì 16 marzo 2009

Aiuto: problema sprechi in cucina! / Help: a food waste problem!

Post molto breve per chiedere un piccolo aiuto a voi lettori! 
Sapete che evitare gli sprechi in cucina fa parte della filosofia Zero Rifiuti? 

Oggi, forse come ricompensa del nostro aiuto per un suo problema di salute, la zia di Irish ci recapita a casa due grossi mazzetti di ravanelli che vengono da un produttore a due passi da qui!
Non siamo grandi consumatori di ravanelli e oltre che in insalata non sappiamo come consumarli... e poi hanno delle belle foglie verdi che fanno gran volume e mi dispiacerebbe buttare, anche se in compostiera!

Ho sentito che nel nord Europa coi ravanelli si fanno altre cose prelibate come zuppe. 
Su internet ho trovato solo un blog che presenta lo stesso mio quesito e una ricetta dalla Francia. 
Però, visto che tra voi ci sono alcune lettrici anche blogger che sono veramente brave in cucina, mi aspetto qualche suggerimento di qualche ricetta prelibata... 

Allora mi aiutate ad evitare un'enorme montagna di spazzatura verde? 

A very short post to ask a little help to you readers!
Do you know that to avoid wastage in the kitchen is part of Zero Waste philosophy?

Today, perhaps as a reward for our help in a health problem, the aunt of Irish delivered at our home two large bunches of radishes that come from a farmer very near to us!
We are not big consumers of radishes and except that in salad we don't know how to consume them... and then they have beautiful green leaves that make a great volume and I regret to throw them, although in composter!

I heard that in northern Europe, with radishes, they cook other delicious meals as soups.
On the Internet I found a blog with the same question and a recipe from France.
However, because of you readers there are also some friends and bloggers, among you, who are really fine cookers, I expect some suggestions of delicious recipes...

So would you help me to avoid a mountain of green rubbish, please?

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mrs green ha detto...

Hi Danda,

An interesting problem you have there! I have to admit, I've never done much with radishes, but a plate of crudites with dips is pretty and a great way to eat them up. We like humous or other garlicky dips.

I like to slice them finely and add to salads; they make a lovely addition to stuffed pitta bread or grate them and add to home made coleslaw for a lovely colour and 'bite'.

I've finely sliced and stir fried them in the past too!

If you have a glut, you could pickle them with cauliflower to eat during the winter months.

Enjoy - they look beautiful :)

Mrs G x

mrs green ha detto...

I'm sorry - I realise now you want recipes for the leaves, not the radishes!

Ok, use them like you would use spinach or kale; so soup, as an addition to curries - chickpea, potato and radish tops is good; cooked in a tiny amount of water until soft and then served as a side vegetable with butter and garlic (or fresh herbs of your choice) then topped with grated parmesan, stick them in a quiche with some nice sharp cheese or add to dahl with lentils and spices.

Do any of these ideas appeal to you?

Danda ha detto...

WOW, hi Mrs Green!!!
Glad to see your comments here!!! :)
How many recipes! Thank you so much!

All seem so tasty!!! I was looking for recipes for both the radishes and their leaves too.
We aren't so fond of the natural taste of radishes, and a plate of crudities with dips is surely good but needs a flavorful dip! So, to grate, or stir or even pickle them are fabuolous ideas!

And hmmm, I think I'll cook the leaves as you suggest for the soup! :)

Thanks again for saving these vegetables from waste! I hope to meet you soon here or on your wonderful site... I'll tell you how my cooking experiments will be gone!



Hope you can make some really good use of Mrs Green's suggestions. I'm not a fan of radishes so I'm unable to help I'm afraid. But good luck with the new ideas :-D

Cristella ha detto...

solo le foglioline più piccole e tenere... provale nell'insalata mista con le altre verdure. a me piace fare insalate colorate,con radicchi di vari colori, carote a filetti, cipolline, ravanelli, maise, all'occasione, appunto, foglie di ravanello

Layla ha detto...

Hi! Those look delicious!! Yummy!!
we love the taste & usually eat the radishes with bread and cheese or meat or such, with just a little salt, or in salat too.

I saw this recipe to put them on quark/cottage cheese (you see the pic) maybe you can also put some cream or onions in the quark if you like, or other herbs/vegetables, put that on toasted bread etc.

Don't cook the radishes in soup, I did that once and it tasted horrible! Maybe the leaves would be okay, don't know.. we put some young leaves on salad too, otherwise just put them to compost.. Do report if you do anything good with them!!

/Maybe just try to cook a small amount of leaves first with not much other vegetables so you can remove if you don't like the taste? I cooked a big pot of 'vegetable soup' with radishes (red&white part) & other veggies as a kid and the whole thing tasted yucky!:)

Mrs Green, did you actually cook the leaves before or was this just ideas/brainstorming? maybe some herbs help with the taste or the leaves are different?

Dips and hummous etc sound a great idea!! What do they taste like pickled? (And what is glut?)

Danda ha detto...

Whoa!!! Thank you very very much to everybody!!!
Yesterday we planned to consume the great amount of radishes in salads or with dips. I cooked leaves as spinach, to preserve them before they whiter. Then I'll add them to a soup as Mrs. Green suggested. I'll make you know how it will be the taste! ;)

Grande! Grazie davvero a tutte!!!
Ieri abbiamo pianificato di consumare la gran quantità di ravanelli in insalata o in pinzimonio. Ho cucinato le foglie come gli spinaci, per preservarle prima che siano appassite. Poi le aggiungerò ad una zuppa come Mrs. Green ha suggerito. vi farò sapere quale sarà il sapore! ;)

@ Mrs. A - We aren't fans of radishes too, but I cant' refuse a so kind gift from the aunt... then I didn't want to trash them all, so I was looking for recipes that camouflage their taste in a way. :) So, thanks so much You've interested in my day cooking challenge anyway!

@ Cristella - Grazie Cristella, In realtà le foglie erano tenere ma belle grandi e sinceramente quel po' di "peluria" sotto le foglie avrebbe dato un po' fastidio, nel mangiarle crude. Così abbiamo optato per la zuppa. Mentre i ravanelli veri e propri di sicuro finiranno in colorate insalate se prima Irish non se li mangia tutti nel pinzimonio! :)

@ Layla - Do you really love the taste of radishes? :) I'm afraid we don't have the same passion for them, but I think that with a pinch of herbs, mixed with other vegetables in salad they will be more tasty! :)

I didn't want to throw them because Irish' aunt yesterday gave us her own great amount of leaves, from her part of radishes, to throw 'em in the composter. And it looked like a great waste! So I'll try Mrs. Green's recipe, even if I cooked leaves apart, because we didn't have so much time for cooking chickpeas and potatoes.
We have also a good quantity of organic chickpeas, so we are happy to cook them in a different way!

I think that with "glut" Mrs. Green wanted to say that if I will ever have a great amount of radishes I could pickle them. I saw the recipe to do them on the blog linked on the post. I'll really do that if we have other green big bouquets of radishes as a gift! :)

Marco ha detto...

è sempre un'insalata.... ma se ti può aiutare...:

mrs green ha detto...

it sounds like you are going to have fun, Danda. I'm looking forward to hearing about the recipes that work for you.

I had a similar thing with parsnips. No one in our house liked them and we were given some in a vegetable box.

The things was, we THOUGHT we didn't like them until we found a couple of recipes that really worked for us. Sometimes we have to dedicate some time to experimenting and thinking outside the box!

I love experimenting in the kitchen, so have fun!

Danda ha detto...

Ciao a tutti!

Presto leggerete un post su com'è andato l'esperimento in cucina! La ricetta vincente è stata la zuppa di Mrs. Green! Mi sono davvero divertita e la riuscita è stata ottima! :)

Grazie Mrs. Green per il tuo aiuto preziosissimo!

Grazie anche a te Marco! L'avevo vista anch'io la ricetta di Lo e visto che qualche ravanello è avanzato e durante questo weekend abbiamo comprato i cipollotti, non mancheremo di sperimentare altri piatti!

Grazie ancora a tutti!

Hi everybody!!!
Very soon you'll read a post about the kitchen experiment! The winner recipe was Mrs. Green soup! I really enjoy it and taste was excellent!

Thanks, Mrs. Green for your very precious help!

And thanks to you too, Marco, I read Lo's recipe and because of some radishes was still remaining, this weekend I bought some green onions to prove other recipes!

Thanks again to all of you!